Press release: Adopted Report on the work of the Agency for Protection of Competition for 2015

The Parliament of Montenegro, at its session held on July 28th 2016, adopted the Report on the work of the Agency for Protection of Competition for 2015. It was adopted by the Government of Montenegro, at the session of 28.04.2016.

Press Release: Final conference of the ALA project

The conference to mark the completion of the ALA project ("Harmonization of legislation with the EU acquis in the area of freedom to provide services and the protection of competition"), co-financed by the EU and implemented by GIZ, which began in February 2014, was held on 05.07.2016 in Hotel "Podgorica".

The conference presented the results of the project when it comes to the harmonization of legislation for both components, that is for the freedom to provide services and the protection of competition. In addition to the experts who were involved in the project and representatives of the main beneficiaries of the project, the Agency for Protection of Competition and the Ministry of Economy, presentations were held and Mr. Andre Lys, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Montenegro, His Excellency Mr. Uwe Meerkotter Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Montenegro and Ms. Brigitte Heuel-Rolf, director of GIZ office in Montenegro.

Zavrsna konferencija Ala projekta



Press Release: The eighth meeting of the Forum on Competition in Sofia

Representatives of the Agency for Protection of Competition, attended the eighth meeting of the Forum on Competition in Sofia (Sofia Competition Forum), held on 10 June 2016, organized by the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition and UNCTAD.

The meeting was also attended by EU Commissioner for Competition, Ms. Margarethe Vestager, representatives of UNCTAD, a body for protection of competition countries for years a member of the EU, Russia, Japan, as well as employees of the body for protection of competition in the region.

SCF eighth meeting focused on the topics of measures (structural and behavioral measures) and the decision to terminate the procedure in accordance with Article 45 (enforcement of imposed and accepted measures do commitments). Representatives of the Montenegrin Agency presented the provisions of national legislation and procedures of the Agency in connection with these matters.

Press release: Adopted new Rulebook on internal organization and systematization

New Rulebook on internal organization and systematization has been adopted

The Government of Montenegro, at the session of 31 March 2016. on the proposal of Director of the Agency for Protection of Competition, adopted the Rulebook on internal systematization and organization of this institution.

The rulebook changed the internal organization, primarily in order to ensure efficient and more economical operation of the Agency in the field of analysis of individual economic sectors, performing testing and investigative actions and determine the violation of competition.

Subject systematization is in line with the actual needs of the further development of the Agency, in accordance with similar internal structures of the competent competition authorities of comparable countries and EU member states.

Basic changes are primarily related to structuring the division of tasks within the Sector for assessing the concentration, determination of prohibited agreements and abuse of dominant position, which provides sub-specialization of officials in order to improve knowledge of the individual market structure and dynamics, and possible restrictions on the development of competition.

The rulebook also determined the minimum number of employees, taking into account the recommendations of the European Commission and the European Delegation in Podgorica, which are an integral part of the annual report in the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union. (Ie. Progress report).

Press release: Representatives of the Azzk attended RCC workshop in Budapest

Organized by the RCC (Regional Centre for Competition), which is a joint initiative of the OECD and the GVH-Hungarian authority for competition protection, in Budapest in the period from 8 to 11 March 2016 was held "Introductory Level Seminar – Basic Concepts And Procedures In Competition Law For Young Authority Staff" (Workshop for competition authorities) / Seminar - beginner level - basic concepts and procedures of the Law on protection of competition, intended for employees of the bodies for the protection of competition with the least experience.

Two representatives of each Competition protection body from the countries in the region attended the workshop. Topics were discussed by experts of the OECD through the presentation, as well as through active participation of the workshop participants during the processing of the hypothetical case, discussions and exchange of experiences in separate sessions.

Also, the Agency had the opportunity to attend in December a workshop organized by the RCC in Budapest,, in the period 8.12.-10.12.2015.,  on the topic: "Update on issues in the information and communications technology sector." During all three days of seminars, lectures were held by renowned experts in the field of competition, exchange experiences of participants from other countries that had a part in the seminar and discussion in small working groups (Hypothetical Case Studies).