In the case filed by the Agency for Protection of Competition, a request for initiation of a misdemeanor proceeding against "Luka Kotor" AD - legal entity, and executive director, as a responsible person in a legal entity, on 10 July 2018, the High Misdemeanor Court decided on a meritorious basis in the manner that he accepted the appeal of the Competition Agency, amended the decision of the Court for Misdemeanors and the accused: Luka Kotor and Kusovac Vasilije from Kotor, as a responsible person in a legal entity, for the action factually described in the pronouncement of the contested decision, found guilty of an offense referred to in Art. 67 st. 1 item 2 and 2 in relation to paragraph 1 item 2 of the Law on Protection of Competition, and penalized the following:

- "Luka Kotor," Joint Stock Company for Services in International Maritime Traffic Kotor, as a legal entity, a fine in the amount of EUR 27,249.54;

- Vasilije Kusovac, as a responsible person in a legal entity, a fine in the amount of EUR 1,000.00.

Representatives of the Agency for Protection of Competition attended a meeting on issues of competition and state aid in the CEFTA region, for the part relating to the protection of competition, held on 17 and 18 July 2018 in Skopje.

The topics of the meeting were in accordance with the provisions of the CEFTA Agreement and the Consolidated Multiannual Action Plan (MAP) for the regional economic area.

During the meeting, in accordance with the agenda, representatives of the Competition Protection Agency presented the national competition rules in force, that is, the news regarding the policy and competition law, and informed about the signed bilateral memoranda of understanding and cooperation with the competent authorities for the protection of competition and shared the experience of using the international cooperation platform, such as the OECD Regional Competition Center, ICN International Competition Network, RCC RFI Platform, UNCTAD Discussion Group for International Cooperation, Sofia Competition Forum.

In the period 09.-12. July 2018, a second set of trainings for employees of the Agency for Protection of Competition (economists) was held, within the framework of the EBRD / IDLO project for strengthening the capacity of the Agency in the use of economics software "STATA".

The goal of the second set of trainings was to continue the training of STATA staff for the needs of carrying out economic analyzes. After the training, the expert will also develop a manual for its use.

The meeting of the Subcommittee on the Internal Market and Competition between Montenegro and the European Commission took place on June 20th 2018 in Brussels.

Representatives of the Agency for Protection of Competition were also present and have informed the representatives of the European Commission about the realized activities in the part of the competence of the Agency for Protection of Competition in the period from the previous meeting of the Subcommittee, held in June 2017. The representatives of the European Commission welcomed the efforts of the Agency when it comes to strengthening institutional and administrative capacity for the proper implementation of the Law.

The Agency for Protection of Competition, by Decision dated May 18, 2016, approved in a shortened procedure the concentration of market participants that arises from the acquisition of indirect control by the “KKR & Co”. LP, New York 10019, USA through dependent and affiliated companies, over the “M-Kabl”, Podgorica, Montenegro, purchasing 100% of the shares.

The companies “CRNOGORSKI TELEKOM” Podgorica and Telecommunications Company "MTEL" filed lawsuits against this Decision, before the Administrative Court of Montenegro.

On June 7, 2017. the Administrative Court of Montenegro issued a Decision rejecting the claims as untimely. The decision of the Administrative Court was confirmed by the Supreme Court of Montenegro by the Judgment of May 28, 2018. The requests for review of the court decision were rejected as unfounded.