The officials of the Agency for Protection of Competition attended and successfully completed the English language training program organized in the framework of the project "English Language and Professional Skills in the Public Administration of Montenegro", implemented by the Ministry of Public Administration, with the support of the HR and British Council.

The training was preceded by the testing (APTIS) of employees, in order to identify the level of knowledge of the English language when it comes to writing and speech components. Employees who showed advanced level of knowledge gained the opportunity to participate in this intensive training program, which contributed to the improvement of knowledge and skills when it comes to communication in the English language of the employees of the Agency.

The aim of this project was to support the development of the necessary skills to achieve greater efficiency in communicating with international peers. The training program was prepared on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of needs for English language and key professional skills conducted throughout the state administration, as well as on the basis of interviews with all ministries and a number of other state bodies.

In the period of 19-22 March 2018, training was organized for the employees of the Agency for Protection of Competition (economists) for the use of economical software "STATA", which officially started the implementation of the EBRD / IDLO project to strengthen the capacity of the Agency for Protection of Competition.

The aim of this training, the continuation of which was planned during the follow-up of the project, was the training of the staff of Agency on using the STATA Software for the purpose of carrying out economic analyzes.

Amendments to the Law on Protection of Competition have been initiated with the aim of establishing a single body that would perform activities related to the protection of competition and state aid. Namely, the amendments, among other things, stipulate that the competences and actions of the Commission for control of state aid funds are placed under the competence of the Agency for the Protection of Competition.

This will enable the state aid control activities to be carried out within existing institutional solutions, without extending the network of regulatory bodies.

The Agency for Competition Protection (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency"), in accordance with the competences referred to in Article 19, paragraph 2, item 1 and Article 40 of the Law on Protection of Competition (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No.44 /12) (hereinafter referred to as " Law ") monitors and analyses the conditions of competition in individual markets with the aim of determining the functioning of the market in which the business is carried out.

Such research often reveals market irregularities that are contrary to the rules on competition protection and at the same time represent the basis for initiating procedures.

In this regard, the Agency conducted a procedure for analysing the conditions of competition on the retail market for the distribution of audio-visual media on the territory of Montenegro and the distribution of  sports channels and their availability to AVM providers in the territory of Montenegro (hereafter referred to as "Analysis").

The Higher Misdemeanors Court of Montenegro resolving in the appeal procedure "Water supply and Sewerage" Budva against the Decision of the Misdemeanor Court in Budva, whereby the defendants were found guilty of committing the offense referred to in Art. 67 of the Law on Protection of Competition, issued a Decision rejecting the appeal as unfounded and confirming the contested decision as correctly and legally.

Namely, as stated in the Decision of the Higher Court of Montenegro, from the factual situation which the First Instance Court has fully and correctly established, it is beyond doubt that the defendants committed the offenses for which they were found guilty and punished.