Representatives of the Agency for Protection of Competition attended the International Conference on marking 20 years of work of the Agency for the Protection of Competition in the Republic of Croatia, held on November 15, 2017 in Zagreb.
During the panel discussion, the Conference gave an overview of 20 years of AZTN's work - previous experience and future challenges, as well as court protection in cases of competition protection.

The Government of Montenegro, at the session held on October 19th 2017, gave its consent to the Financial plan of the Agency for Protection of Competition for 2018.

Representatives of the Competition Agency attended the tenth meeting of the Sofia Competition Forum, held on October 27th 2017, organized by the Bulgarian Commission for the Protection of Competition and UNCTAD.
The meeting was attended by representatives of UNCTAD and representatives of the Competition Directorate of the EC, the competition authorities of EU member states, Russia, Japan, academic and legal communities, as well as employees in institutions for the protection of competition from the region.
At the plenary session, lecturers from national competition authorities, international organizations, the academic community, and the legal community held presentations, while members of the SCF and other participants in the meeting exchanged experiences, views and challenges related to the exchange of information between competitors.
Representatives of the Montenegrin Agency presented the provisions of the national legislation, as well as the procedures of the Agency in relation to the subject matter.
The meeting also presented the preliminary findings of the SCF project - "Comparative review in the area of ​​penalties and leniency", with the participation of representatives of the Montenegrin Agency.

By the ruling of the Administrative Court of Montenegro, the lawsuit of "Water and Sewerage" Budva, filed for the annulment of the Decision of the Agency for Protection of Competition, was rejected, stating that the plaintiff had committed the abuse of the dominant position referred to in Article 15, paragraph 2, items 1 and 4 of the Law on Protection of Competition, and any future action which is likely to restrict or distort competition by abuse of a dominant position is prohibited, the amendment of the Decision on fees for providing utility services and the use and maintenance of the network is ordered, as well as the submission of the amended and adopted decision to the founder's agreement within 90 days from the date of receipt of the decision.

Against the judgment of the Administrative Court of Montenegro, the Prosecutor, through the proxy, timely filed a request for examination of a court decision for the reasons provided for in Article. 43 of the ZUS (Law on Administrative Procedure), with the proposal to adopt the request, abolished the verdict and return the case to re-trial and decision.

Assessing the lawfulness of the contested verdict, the Supreme Court found that the same was passed with the proper application of substantive law to the established factual situation contained in the impugned decision.

Likewise, the Supreme Court accepted the reasoning of the contested verdict, bearing in mind that the request of the plaintiff, which was deemed unfounded, was not called into question the lawfulness of the disputed ruling of the respondent, that is, the legality of acting on the level of the Agency.

In the organization of the RCC (Regional Center for Competition), which represents a joint initiative of the OECD and the GVH-Hungarian Competition Authority, a seminar was held in Budapest from 17-19. In October 2017, on the topic "Best Practices in Cartel Procedures"