In the period from 12 to 15 March 2019, a member of the Agency's Agency for Protection of Competition, Jovana Tošković, attended the 19th International Competition Conference in Berlin, organized by the German Competition Protection Agency, Bundeskartellamt.
The Bundeskartellamt has been organizing international competition conferences since 1982. The conference is one of the world's most famous events dealing with competition law issues and brings together leading figures and experts from all over the world, and attended by leaders and representatives of the competition authorities, attorneys, academics, representatives of international companies and other participants who deal with current and internationally relevant issues of competition policy and competition law.

The President and members of the Competition Protection Agency’s Council attended the conference "Agenda for the Promotion of Competition Policy", organized by the Competition Commission of the Republic of Serbia on the occasion of the Competition Day, held on April 12, 2019 in Belgrade.

The event was opened by keynote addresses given by Siniša Mali, Minister of Finance, Snežana B. Petrović, President of the Committee on the Economy, Regional Development, Trade, Tourism and Energy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, and Dr Miloje Obradović, host of the Conference and President of the Commission for Protection of Competition

During the conference, two panels were held: " Regional Undertakings and Competition Policy" and " Commitment Decisions and Deterrence of Antitrust Infringements".

The first meeting on the occasion of the starting of the Twinning light project: "Strengthening Institutional and Technical Capacity of the Agency for the Protection of the Competition of Montenegro", IPA 14 03 IPA TW 03 TWL, was held on November 12th 2018. The meeting was attended by BC Project Leader Mrs. Lepa Aleksić as well as Agency's representatives: Boženka Nikolić, Sanja Vešović, Radojka Ćirković and Vladan Čvorović; MS Project Leader Branimir Kovačević; Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro: Svetlana Laušević and Tijana Đoković.

Press release

At the Third Session of the Second Regular Session of November 12th 2018, the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Proposal of the Conclusion of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget and thus adopted the Report on the work of the Agency for Protection of Competition for 2017.

In the case filed by the Agency for Protection of Competition, a request for initiation of a misdemeanor proceeding against "Luka Kotor" AD - legal entity, and executive director, as a responsible person in a legal entity, on 10 July 2018, the High Misdemeanor Court decided on a meritorious basis in the manner that he accepted the appeal of the Competition Agency, amended the decision of the Court for Misdemeanors and the accused: Luka Kotor and Kusovac Vasilije from Kotor, as a responsible person in a legal entity, for the action factually described in the pronouncement of the contested decision, found guilty of an offense referred to in Art. 67 st. 1 item 2 and 2 in relation to paragraph 1 item 2 of the Law on Protection of Competition, and penalized the following:

- "Luka Kotor," Joint Stock Company for Services in International Maritime Traffic Kotor, as a legal entity, a fine in the amount of EUR 27,249.54;

- Vasilije Kusovac, as a responsible person in a legal entity, a fine in the amount of EUR 1,000.00.